sábado, 29 de mayo de 2010

NEWS from FRANCE!!!!

After you answered the French students' surveys, I received this mail from France:

Hi Stella
great wonderful and fantastic !! My pupils are "gobsmacked" as we say in Leicester UK ! 
A big thank you to all webheads and their pupils for helping me and my maths colleague out.
Now for the difficult part - they are going to explain all this to the group  ;))

jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

Alan and David

Alan and David

I am Alan. I am 17.I live in Glew .I study electronics in the technical school of Longchamps.I have 6 brothers .I play football in Boca juniors . I in my house play football with my brother and work with father

I am David. I am 16.I live in Longchamps.I study electronics in the technical school of Longchamps.I have 2 brothers. I play play station I sometimes play football with my friends of the neighbourhood

Damián, Emanuel

hello we are damian and emanuel of Longchamps, Buenos Aires. we have 16. study electronics at technical school in longchanps.'re in school all day, the school is pretty good, sometimes we get together to play soccer in a field, in the lounge are all men and no girl, love play some trick, is a card game that is played much in the classroom. we turn workshops against what we are in school all day, from morning till sometimes night, well hopefully they.

-no photo-error

Ezequiel and José

Hello we are Ezequiel and José, we study electronics in technical Nº1 school. We are of Argentina Bs. As. Jose is 17 and ezequiel is 16, Ezequiel on Thursday Play football in River Plate Club and José on Thursday It plays with the friends the play station.

Cruz David, Moran Carlos, Cruz Alan, Gonzalez javier

Hello!!! Our names are  David, Carlos, Alan, Javier . We are between 16 and 19.We are in second year in the speciallity electronics at the tecnical school Nº1 of Longchamps. I finish secondary next year.
David: I live in  Buenos Aires (Glew).
Carlos: I live in Buenos Aires (Guernica).
Alan: I live in Buenos Aires (Glew).
Javier: I live in Buenos Aires(Longchamps).